Saturday, February 09, 2008

i love veggies

This time the subject for the Round Robin Photo was "veggies". I almost forgot to do this, as I was getting the man ready for his trip. As I was reading my mail, Nancy had her post up and that reminded me! I couldn't go to the store and gets some better pics, being that I have to get up at 4am tomorrow. YAYYYYYYY. So what did I do? Took pics of the veggies I had on hand, of course!

Above is the a piece of corn on the cob I had in the freezer. Over there is the veggies I had in the cupboard. I thought I had some tatos, but nope...I have to pick some more up tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back, Annie! I like the canned veggies shot. I take it you're in the middle of experimenting on setting up your blog again - I had to highlight the text to read it at all.

    And now I'm all intrigued about this trip, and getting up at 4 AM. That's probably about the time I'll get to bed.

  2. Hi Annie :)

    It's good to have you with us again. :) Welcome Back! I love corn, and even right now, at 5:53 am, I could reach right into the screen and gobble it up. :)

    Always, Carly

  3. Ugh! Everyone keeps posting lucious corn and/or potatoes. I'm going to end up having a carb fest for lunch today. Hmmm, some bread and pasta would go nicely with that don't you think?

  4. lol I had to highlight the text too :-) Interesting shots!